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Compact Ring Drive Indexer (CRD) (2)

Compact Ring Drives (CRD) are smaller open center indexing or positioning rotary units that combine Roller Pinion technology with two bearing options, two reducer (planetary & Harmonic), or even a reducerless direct drive motor. They provide a range of high positional accuracy, acceleration, load capacity, and speed. Zero backlash. IP65 rating and can operate in any orientation. Only the load bearing needs periodic maintenance.
ProductModelMaximum Dynamic TorqueAngular AccuracyRepetitive Positioning PrecisionMaximum SpeedBore SizeGear Ratio
967780CRD550-HG1148 Nm± 20.0 ArcSec± 3.3 ArcSec11.7 RPM350 mm410:1 With A 50:1 Reducer
967740CRD550-DD770 Nm± 20.0 ArcSec± 3.2 ArcSecSee Tech Data Sheet Charts350 mm13.0:1