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PMT Mechanical Torque Limiters (6)

Pilot Mount with tapered clamping hubs lock the torque limiter to the shaft with a series of cap screws. Torque up to 24,777 in-lbs. Bores up to 3.938 inch (100 mm). See more at Design World Motion Control Tips Protecting Against Mechanical Overload Damage
ProductDescriptionBore SizeDrive ArrangementTorque RangeNumber Of Engagement Positions
976241-100MTL500-PMT-FD-48MM-100/30048 mmPilot Mount100 - 300 Nm1
976640-1000MTL1500-PMT-FD-48MM-1000/125048 mmPilot Mount1000 - 1250 Nm1
976201-200MTL500-PMT-SP-48MM-200/35048 mmPilot Mount200 - 350 Nm1
976221-200MTL500-PMT-MP-48MM-200/35048 mmPilot Mount200 - 350 Nm6 @ 60°
976600-600MTL1500-PMT-SP-48MM-600/80048 mmPilot Mount600 - 800 Nm1
976620-600MTL1500-PMT-MP-48MM-600/80048 mmPilot Mount600 - 800 Nm6 @ 60°

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