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XTB Tension Control Brakes (10)

XTB, multi-caliper, tension control brakes maximize heat dissipation by deflecting it away from rotor the brake components. Fins on the rotor, hub back and calipers to throw dissipated heat into space, not into the brake. The fin design also draws cooler air around and over the brake. Six models, thermal capacity up to 60 horsepower with a dual rotor.
ProductDescriptionMaximum Brake Continuous Thermal DissipationBore SizeMaximum Torque (LoCo)Maximum Torque (Std)Direction Of Rotation
835425XTB-14*ROTOR-HUB,2.500,CW23.30 hp2.500 in.4809 inlbs9086 inlbsClockwise
835426XTB-14*ROTOR-HUB,2.500,CCW23.30 hp2.500 in.4809 inlbs9086 inlbsCounterclockwise
835431XTB-18*ROTOR-HUB,2.500,CW31.60 hp2.500 in.7947 inlbs14265 inlbsClockwise
835432XTB-18*ROTOR-HUB,2.500,CCW31.60 hp2.500 in.7947 inlbs14265 inlbsCounterclockwise
835491XTB-18*ROTOR-HUB,DUAL ROTOR,2.500 BORE,CW40.00 hp2.500 in.7947 inlbs14265 inlbsClockwise
835492XTB-18*ROTOR-HUB,DUAL ROTOR,2.500 BORE,CCW40.00 hp2.500 in.7947 inlbs14265 inlbsCounterclockwise
835546XTB-22*ROTOR-HUB,2.000 BORE,CW,NSB44.00 hp2.500 in.15120 inlbs35280 inlbsClockwise
835547XTB-22*ROTOR-HUB,2.000 BORE,CCW,NSB44.00 hp2.500 in.15120 inlbs35280 inlbsCounterclockwise
835550XTB-22*ROTOR-HUB,DUAL ROTOR,2.500 BORE,CW60.00 hp2.500 in.15120 inlbs35280 inlbsClockwise
835551XTB-22*ROTOR-HUB,DUAL ROTOR,2.500 BORE,CCW60.00 hp2.500 in.15120 inlbs35280 inlbsCounterclockwise

XTBA Advanced Tension Brakes (4)

XTBA is a multi-caliper with heavy-duty, cross-drilled rotors, air-cooled tension control brakes. Models with 10, 12, 14 and 18-inch rotors provide up to 32 horsepower thermal capacity.
ProductDescriptionMaximum Brake Continuous Thermal DissipationBore SizeMaximum Torque (LoCo)Maximum Torque (Std)Direction Of Rotation
835666XTBA-14*ROTOR-HUB,2.500,CW27.10 hp2.500 in.4809 inlbs9086 inlbsClockwise
835667XTBA-14*ROTOR-HUB,2.500,CCW27.10 hp2.500 in.4809 inlbs9086 inlbsCounterclockwise
835668XTBA-18*ROTOR-HUB,2.500,CW41.10 hp2.500 in.7947 inlbs14265 inlbsClockwise
835669XTBA-18*ROTOR-HUB,2.500,CCW41.10 hp2.500 in.7947 inlbs14265 inlbsCounterclockwise