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SA/TA Advanced Tension Brakes (4)

High thermal output and torque ratings of the advanced series make these units ideal for demanding tension operations. Full range of sizes to meet all unique specification requirements. Advanced Series offers both straight bore hubs or tapered bores for QD bushing mounting. Both models are available with Standard, Low Coefficient (Loco) or Ultra Loco friction facings to meet all torque requirements.
ProductDescriptionMaximum Brake Continuous Thermal DissipationBore SizeMaximum Dynamic Torque
827926S-600A*1.375 BORE,ULTRA LCO3.30 hp0.000 - 1.375 in.286 inlbs
827905S-600A*1.375 BORE,LCO3.30 hp0.000 - 1.375 in.428 inlbs
827927S-600A*1.375 BORE,SPCL3.30 hp0.000 - 1.375 in.714 inlbs
827904S-600A*1.375 BORE3.30 hp0.000 - 1.375 in.714 inlbs