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STB Tension Brakes (14)

STB 600 and 940 Brakes allow superior torque control for your web. Three different sized piston sets can be actuated singly or in any combination for a large number of torque-to-air pressure ranges. The ventilated rotor creates an airflow path that draws cooler ambient air into the center of the rotor. The flow path directs air past the interface and dissipates heat radially away from the unit.
ProductDescriptionMaximum Brake Continuous Thermal DissipationBore SizeMaximum Dynamic Torque With All Calipers
927217STB940*1.125 BORE,NSB3.00 hp1.125 in.2284 inlbs
927218STB940*1.188 BORE,NSB3.00 hp1.188 in.2284 inlbs
927257STB940*1.250 BORE,LOCO3.00 hp1.250 in.1142 inlbs
927219STB940*1.250 BORE3.00 hp1.250 in.2284 inlbs
927220STB940*1.375 BORE3.00 hp1.375 in.2284 inlbs
927282STB940*1.438 BORE,NSB3.00 hp1.438 in.2284 inlbs
927221STB940*1.500 BORE3.00 hp1.500 in.2284 inlbs
927222STB940*1.625 BORE3.00 hp1.625 in.2284 inlbs
927258STB940*1.750 BORE,LCO3.00 hp1.750 in.1142 inlbs
927223STB940*1.750 BORE3.00 hp1.750 in.2284 inlbs
927224STB940*1.875 BORE3.00 hp1.875 in.2284 inlbs
927246STB940*1.938 BORE,LOCO3.00 hp1.938 in.1142 inlbs
927207STB940*1.938 BORE3.00 hp1.938 in.2284 inlbs
927268STB940*40MM BORE,NSB3.00 hp40 mm2284 inlbs
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