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XTBA Advanced Tension Brakes (7)

XTBA is a multi-caliper with heavy-duty, cross-drilled rotors, air-cooled tension control brakes. Models with 10, 12, 14 and 18-inch rotors provide up to 32 horsepower thermal capacity.
ProductDescriptionMaximum Brake Continuous Thermal DissipationBore SizeMaximum Torque (LoCo)Maximum Torque (Std)Direction Of Rotation
835656XTBA-12*ROTOR-HUB,1.250,CW27.20 hp1.250 in.3438 inlbs5838 inlbsClockwise
835657XTBA-12*ROTOR-HUB,1.250,CCW27.20 hp1.250 in.3438 inlbs5838 inlbsCounterclockwise
835695XTBA-12*ROTOR-HUB,1.438,CW,NSB27.20 hp1.438 in.3438 inlbs5838 inlbsClockwise
835658XTBA-12*ROTOR-HUB,1.625,CW27.20 hp1.625 in.3438 inlbs5838 inlbsClockwise
835659XTBA-12*ROTOR-HUB,1.625,CCW27.20 hp1.625 in.3438 inlbs5838 inlbsCounterclockwise
835660XTBA-12*ROTOR-HUB,2.125,CW27.20 hp2.125 in.3438 inlbs5838 inlbsClockwise
835661XTBA-12*ROTOR-HUB,2.125,CCW27.20 hp2.125 in.3438 inlbs5838 inlbsCounterclockwise

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