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TCC Tension Control Clutches (13)The Modular construction of TC Clutches lets a customer custom design a clutch that satisfies a variety of specific needs: A broad range of thermal horsepower and torque capacities. A full selection of Housing Assemblies with various caliper positions.

ProductDescriptionMaximum Clutch Continuous Thermal DissipationMaximum Dynamic TorqueBore SizeMaximum # Of CalipersMax Rpm
835169TCC20-8*HOUSING,1.938 BORE,SPL16.60 hp10400 inlbs1.937 in.8900
835174TCC20-8*HOUSING,2.188 BORE16.60 hp10400 inlbs2.188 in.8900
835148TCC20-8*HOUSING,2.938 BORE16.60 hp10400 inlbs2.937 in.8900
835140TCC10-2*HOUSING,1.375 BORE4.40 hp1060 inlbs1.375 in.21500
835142TCC14-2*HOUSING,1.938 BORE9.60 hp1700 inlbs1.937 in.21200
835141TCC10-4*HOUSING,1.375 BORE4.40 hp2120 inlbs1.375 in.41500
835143TCC14-3*HOUSING,1.938 BORE9.60 hp2550 inlbs1.937 in.31200
835144TCC14-4*HOUSING,1.938 BORE9.60 hp3400 inlbs1.937 in.41200
835145TCC14-6*HOUSING,1.938 BORE9.60 hp5100 inlbs1.937 in.61200
835149TCC14-6*HOUSING,2.000 BORE9.60 hp5100 inlbs2.000 in.61200
835146TCC20-4*HOUSING,2.938 BORE16.60 hp5200 inlbs1.937 in.4900
835199TCC20-6*HOUSING,1.875 BORE,NSB16.60 hp7800 inlbs1.875 in.6900
835147TCC20-6*HOUSING,2.938 BORE16.60 hp7800 inlbs2.937 in.6900
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