User Maintenance Manuals

The User Maintenance manuals are available to assist customers with complete product information. This includes specifications, sizing and selection, dimensional information, maintenance, and installation procedures. To ensure you find the correct manual for your product, Nexen recommends you search by the part number and download the manual from the appropriate product page.


Brake Guards

Brakes - Caliper 

Tension Control Clutches

Brakes - Drum

Brakes - Eclipse Servo/Stage/Ball Screw/Indexer

Brakes - Flange or Foot Mounted

Brakes - Shaft Mounted



Fluid Couplings

Friction Clutches

Web Guiding

Linear Brakes


Rod Locks

Roller Pinion Drive System

Tension Control Brakes

Tension Controls

Tooth Clutches

Torque Limiters

Precision Ring Drive (PRD)

Harmonic Gearhead